About Our AAHA Accreditation

The Village Vets Virginia-Highland is a proud AAHA-accredited hospital. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is the sole accrediting organization for veterinary practices throughout North America, having been established in 1933 to set a higher standard for veterinary care. Seeking AAHA accreditation is entirely voluntary; it is not required for animal hospitals. We are one of the just 12-15% of animal hospitals that have chosen to become accredited, and undergo routine inspection to maintain that distinction. The goal of our AAHA accreditation is to hold ourselves to the highest possible standard when providing services and treatments, because you and your pet deserve the best.

How We Remain AAHA Accredited

At The Village Vets Virginia-Highland, our veterinarians and staff all work together to deliver exceptional care that meets or exceeds more than 900 standards of excellence—every single day. Every 3 years, an AAHA representative inspects our practice from top to bottom to ensure we continue to uphold and integrate their standards into our daily protocols.

The standards we follow fall into many categories, including:

AAHA accreditation for The Village Vets Virginia-Highland

Why Our AAHA Accreditation is Important for Your Pet

At The Village Vets Virginia-Highland, we love your pet like we love our own. When you trust us with their care, we hold ourselves fully responsible for providing them with compassionate, professional treatment that meets all their needs. Through our AAHA accreditation, we can give your companion the care they truly deserve so they can live their best life. What’s more, you can be confident your pet is in capable, caring hands.

To learn more about AAHA accreditation, visit aaha.org. You can also call us at (404) 924-8680 if you have questions, and to request an appointment and experience the AAHA difference for yourself.