Why Spay & Neuter Surgery is Important in Virginia-Highland, GA

A timely spay or neuter surgery for your pet benefits them substantially. It prevents unwanted litters who will inevitably end up in a shelter or join the stray population in Atlanta, but it also does so much more. Spay and neuter surgery gives your pet some health benefits and curbs unwanted behaviors. At The Village Vets, we’ll discuss your new pet’s options and help you make the best decision for their continued health and well-being.

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Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Cat or Dog

Cats and dogs, male and female, all pets benefit from spay and neuter surgery.

Spayed Cats & Dogs

  • No longer go through messy, frustrating heat cycles
  • Have less of a chance of developing mammary gland tumors
  • Have no chance of pyometra, a dangerous uterine infection
  • Are at no risk of ovarian or uterine cancers
  • Have no desire to roam to find a mate (which could result in car accidents or encounters with wild animals)

Neutered Dogs & Cats

  • Are less aggressive
  • Will no longer exhibit urine-spraying behavior
  • Are less likely to exhibit mounting behavior
  • Have a lessened risk of prostate problems
  • Are at no risk of testicular cancer
  • Have no desire to roam to find a mate (which could result in car accidents or encounters with wild animals)

When to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

The timing of your pet’s spay or neuter surgery is more important than you may think. While the general timeline is to spay/neuter around 6 months of age, that timeline can fluctuate depending on several factors. For instance, female pets are significantly less likely to develop mammary gland tumors later in life if they are spayed before their first heat cycle. Therefore, we may recommend an earlier spay at about 5 months of age, as long as your pet is at a healthy weight. On the other hand, large breed dogs rely on their reproductive hormones to help control their growth rates, so we recommend waiting until your pet is full grown for surgery, at about 12-18 months of age.

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